A is for Arizona

May 26, 2015
(Me and My Girl in Rhode Island, Summer 2012)

I’m working on my first book. I actually came up with the title and premise of the book a few years ago, in the middle of an acupuncture session as I was trying to rid my body of stress and anxiety. The title, “A is for Arizona” showed up like a vision – an extremely clear one. Here’s the story behind it :

When Arizona was first born, she was extremely fussy and cried a lot. After a few months, I took her to a pediatric allergist who confirmed my fear : she was a child with extreme ALLERGIES. The following winter, Arizona got sick over and over again and was diagnosed with ASTHMATIC bronchitis. These bouts of asthma starting occurring more often. A year later, when she was 2 years old, Arizona was diagnosed with sensory processing dysfunction and was placed on the AUTISM Spectrum. A few years after that, she was diagnosed with ADHD. Recently, there has been concern about her tendency toward ANXIETY. So there you have it – a child “afflicted” with various things that all happen to start with the letter A : Allergies, Asthma, Autism, ADHD and Anxiety.

Over the years, she is often seen by therapists, doctors and others as a child with one of these FIVE things. But, I have always seen her as ARIZONA, my beautiful daughter who is whole and perfect and complete as she is.

So, as she is labeled as any of the “A” words above, I want to remind the world that A is for Arizona. That is who she is.

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