Reiki Practitioner

Customized Treatment Modality of Intuitive Coaching and Deeply Healing Energy Work

As part of her on-going journey in the self-healing and wellness space it is no coincidence that Susanna Peace Lovell was introduced to the universal life force ENERGY HEALING practice of Reiki. Susanna found the practice to be transformational in the treatment of her own on-going battle with anxiety and depression. Life became clearer, opportunities and possibilities became tangible, and the fog continued to lift.

After receiving multiple treatments and attending Reiki 1 and 2 workshops to learn more about the healing art, Susanna felt the strong calling to get attuned to the Master Reiki level and did so with Master Teacher Syd Yang of Blue Jaguar Healing Arts

It was at the beginning of Susanna’s Reiki journey years ago that prompted within her the awareness that her calling was to be of service, in a more concrete way, to her beloved community of special needs families. Reiki was the impetus for Susanna’s coaching and advocacy work to truly take root in a more formalized way. 

As a Master Reiki practitioner, Susanna Peace Lovell provides a customized treatment modality of intuitive coaching and deeply healing energy work. Remote healing sessions are available as well as limited in-person, hands-on (with mask and sanitization protocols) treatments.

Please contact for rates, availability and additional information. In-person sessions are held in the Los Angeles area. 

Susanna believes that the practice of Reiki will wake up and activate your OWN healing potential within yourself. We all have access to this connection, and we are our own true healers.

Initially identifying Reiki as another way to heal herself, Susanna wasn’t sure about treating others, but as with Reiki – it often leads the way and continued to send more and more clients her way. Susanna honors this calling and is grateful to provide the gift of Reiki to others! 

About Susanna

Susanna Peace Lovell received her B.A. from UC Berkeley, and is a certified professional life coach and advocate dedicated to the health and wellness of special needs families everywhere. Her own daughter Arizona has multiple challenges and diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety and myriad food allergies.

On her journey of navigating through the worry and heartbreak of raising a special needs child, Susanna found her true life calling: to help other parents find and realize joy and passion in their own lives.

It is a gift to realize that your child’s potential doesn’t have a limit. But to realize your own possibilities are also unlimited is a tremendous breakthrough not to be missed! Susanna can help you unleash this potential within and start soaring in your own life.