A Virtual Retreat for Special Needs Moms

September 27, 2020
(Speaking for We Are Brave Together!)

This past weekend, I was honored to speak at a virtual retreat for special needs moms, organized and hosted by We Are Brave Together. The retreat's theme was YES YOU CAN. For two days, I shared the (virtual) stage with 5 other speakers - each of us special needs moms who are passionate about being of service and sparking inspiration for our fellow sister warriors.

We Are Brave Together Retreat Speakers: Laura Lee, Lora Ackerman, Mary Susan McConnell, Emily Nolan, Nicky Irvine and Susanna Peace Lovell (yours truly!)

My session was entitled: YES YOU CAN - practice and experience SELF-CARE. Yes, even as a special needs parent. Yes, even in the midst of a global pandemic! I shared my 7 Top Tips for Self-Care As a Special Needs Parent, a handbook I wrote years ago born out of my own need for the guideline and tips to lean more into the practice of self-care. I dove into the following tips, providing examples and steps for getting into each practice: 1) Speak Your Truth, 2) Just Say No, 3) Release The Guilt, 4) Receive Help, 5) Let Go Of Expectations, 6) Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, 7) Find Your Joy.

I am so grateful for the constant reminder to practice self-care. It is not indulgent or decadent; rather, it is a necessity in the overall balance of life. Sign up to receive your free PDF copy of my handbook here! I can't wait to share what has been at the forefront of my journey as a special needs Mom!

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