Autism Family Night with HollyRod

June 29, 2016
(A fun night for Arizona)

Arizona and I were honored to be invited to an autism night for families at the Aquarium of the Pacific, thrown by the HollyRod Foundation.

The annual My Brother Charlie Family Fun Day / Night is held at a different venue every year and provides families living with autism a day / evening of fun, respite and acceptance.

Arizona loves the aquarium and anything to do with animal life in general; but visiting during normal visiting hours has its challenges. There are a lot of people who bring with them loud noises and an abundance of fast moving sights and sounds. More often than not, Arizona has a hard time processing the incoming stimuli and can’t truly enjoy her surroundings.

This night, however, the aquarium was closed off for the event. The lights were dim, the echoes were softer. Children and young adults on all degrees of the spectrum were able to just be themselves; no judgment.

Arizona danced the night away to her favorite songs played by the sensory friendly DJ … she ran back and forth, swayed her arms and legs, jumped around and let loose.

“I don’t want to go home, Mommy!” she said. And neither did I.

Thank you, HollyRod, for providing a venue for us to let it all go and feel free!

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