Autism is Not a Parenting Fail

March 26, 2015

A few days ago, a fellow special needs Mom posted this as her status on Facebook :

Autism Is Not A Parenting Fail

“You’ve done nothing wrong. You didn’t cause this. You haven’t failed your child. You were given an instruction manual for a Ford and your child is a Ferrari. So, congratulations! Your child is NOT fundamentally different from other children. You just need the right instruction manual. Parenting your child will be more intense. You’ll need more patience and time. Your child will have intense emotions and needs. But he’ll also have intense curiosity, drive, determination, desire, persistence and individuality. What you’ll need to find is the right fuel, the right environment and the right supports. With those, your child has great potential. With the right supports, he will have a happy and fulfilling life.”

As I read these poignant and true words, I couldn’t help but think – YES – AND – we mothers and fathers will ALSO have a happy and fulfilling life! This is my passion and mission for my fellow special needs parents : even WE can thrive.

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