Birthday Season: Let's Eat Cake!

June 17, 2019
(Birthday cake for celebration #1)

Arizona doesn’t officially turn 13 until tomorrow (June 18) but we’ve already had a few birthday celebrations for her. Because cake is obviously an important aspect of birthday FUN, I am so grateful for companies like Cherrybrook Kitchen who make my life so much easier during times like this! I can easily make their allergy free cake mixes in the comfort of my own home rather than having to drive big distances and pay big dollars for bakeries that service my child’s specific dietary needs.


Most Gluten Free cake / baking mixes call for egg and milk. Milk alternatives are easy to find, but egg replacers can sometimes be complex.

However, for the YELLOW CAKE MIX  by Cherrybrook Kitchen (note: I always get the package of 6 from Amazon) the only added ingredients are oil + water. Phenomenal!

For treats that are easier to pass out (for example, at summer camp tomorrow), I use Enjoy Life Foods brownie mix.


I encourage those of you who need to accommodate an allergy friendly diet to take advantage of companies like Cherrybrook Kitchen and Enjoy Life Foods.


(Cake for celebration #2)

More about them:

Cherrybrook Kitchen:

“At Cherrybrook Kitchen, we provide delicious all natural baking mixes for millions of people who are affected by food allergies. Our mixes are free from the most common food allergens; milk, eggs, peanuts, treenuts. We provide wheat free/gluten free baking mixes for cakes, frostings, cookies, brownies, pancakes and waffles as well as a full line up of allergen free mixes. Because our mixes are allergen free they are suitable for vegans to enjoy also. For over 15 years we have been perfecting our recipes to make them so good they can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of dietary restrictions. Our ingredients are sourced with the highest standards that result in a product that is truly extraordinary. They are easy to prepare with classic flavor profiles. Whether your family is gluten free or you just want to switch up your diet, bringing Cherrybrook to your kitchen is a delicious choice for everyone.”

Enjoy Life Foods:

“Millions of people in the USA and across the globe face a dilemma every time they eat: is this food safe for me? Will eating this food make me sick or put my life at risk? Enjoy Life Foods started with a vision to make delicious foods that are free from gluten and common food allergens. Today we maintain North America’s largest allergy-friendly bakery and all of our products are free of gluten and 14 allergens.

All Enjoy Life Foods products are free from gluten and 14 common food allergens – wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, casein, soy, egg, sesame, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish and crustaceans. In addition, most of our products are made in our very own allergy-friendly facility, built from the ground up to meet these high standards.”

Would love to hear about other companies that offer allergy friendly options for kiddos like mine!

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