Book Review: All I Can Handle, I’m No Mother Theresa

June 26, 2015
(Author Kim Stagliano and her family)

A few years after Arizona was born, I started thinking about baby #2. I was just coming up for air and thought it might be time to “give” Arizona a sibling. I have 4 siblings myself and always wanted a big family. But, there was a risk of having another child on the spectrum and it was overwhelming to think about. Raising one child on the autism spectrum can be a life long challenge, but having two seems impossible.

Enter Kim Stagliano, mama of 3 girls with autism and one of my favorite “spectrum parents” that I’ve come across since joining this exclusive club.

In her book, All I Can Handle, I’m No Mother Teresa, Stagliano shares her experience with raising three girls on the spectrum. She gives very real snapshots of her life and, although consistently challenging, is able to share the humor and lighter side of life as an autism parent. She also shares the small victories that autism parents can all relate to!

Most of all, Kim Stagliano wants her story to be shared outside of the autism community so that people not familiar with the special needs community will “get it.” Autism awareness is almost a necessity these days. I don’t know anyone in my world who isn’t affected by it somehow – whether it’s a family member, friend at school, neighbor, etc.

I highly recommend this fun, easy read. You will laugh with Kim and commiserate with her at the same time. Enjoy!

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