Book Review: My Brother Charlie

May 18, 2015

Holly Robinson Peete and her family are at the forefront when it comes to autism advocacy. I have been a long time supporter of her family’s foundation, The HollyRod Foundation and I appreciate the different ways each member of the Peete family has contributed to autism awareness.

A few years ago, Holly, along with her daughter Ryan, wrote a children’s book based on Ryan’s twin brother, RJ, who had been diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. They wanted to bring to light the mysteries of a child with autism and to celebrate all of the unique and special characteristics these children possess.

5 years later, this is still one of Arizona’s favorite books. We have easily read it a hundred times. I can never make it through this page without crying : “I have learned from Charlie that love doesn’t always come from what you say. It can also come from what you do. And so we do right by Charlie. We love Charlie strong. We watch over him with the might of angels. We have to.”

I would love to hear what autism resources (websites, books, articles, etc) have been helpful in your family’s journey. How did they touch you? What did they bring to light that you weren’t aware of before?

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