Chef Courtney Brown

April 9, 2017
(Arizona and “Cheffie Court”)

One of the first challenges I faced in raising Arizona was trying to figure out all of her allergies to what seemed like an endless list of foods. After a year of trial and error (with foods I was eating, due to breastfeeding) and myriad visits to allergists, dermatologists, pediatric gastroenterologists, acupuncturists and holistic healers, I was finally able to narrow down (for the most part) what Arizona could and couldn’t eat.

It was tough, though, coming up with nutritious and balanced meals for a child who was allergic to beta-carotene (everything orange), strawberries, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, sesame, garlic, flax seed, rice (RICE! Who’s allergic to rice?), corn, peas, turkey, beef – the list went ON AND ON.

Enter Courtney Brown, a professional chef / baker and overall culinary guru, who opened my eyes to all of the fun, healthy and nutritious meals I could make for my child. As a private chef to some of the top athletes and entertainers in the world, I was delighted when she told me about the cooking lessons she provides to every day folks (busy moms like me!) who are looking for customized menus and meals to fit their family’s needs.

In addition to cooking lessons, Chef Courtney (or Cheffie Court, as Arizona calls her) also has a meal plan service where she cooks for individuals and families, again based on dietary needs / preferences. As a mobile chef, she currently travels between Atlanta and Los Angeles, but will accommodate your upcoming needs if you let her know in advance. (Note : she can work within any budget and can customize your dietary needs perfectly).

Lastly, Chef Court also bakes and ships cookies to order. I gifted Courtney Cookies to all of Arizona’s teachers, therapists and service providers during the holidays. They appreciate the gesture, and the sweet treats are out of this world!

Thank you, Courtney, for making my life easier, in so many ways.

I encourage you to setup a cooking lesson or schedule personal chef services by visiting; your life will be transformed!

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