Conscious Coaching with Suzi Lula

January 30, 2018
(With my teacher, Suzi Lula)

I am a firm believer: I teach what I most need to learn.

Even more so, I believe that GOOD COACHES, have great coaches. We are equally teaching and learning at the same time; equally comfortable in both a student AND teacher role. In other words, I can be humble and SHINE at the same time. I am grateful that I can participate in these dual roles …

All of that to say, I have been SO enlightened in this recent online course I’ve been taking:  “Conscious Coaching” with MY long time coach and mentor, Suzi Lula. A 4 month long, 2 classes / month course, “Conscious Coaching” has completely transformed the way that I am BEING in my business of coaching. FUN FACT: when we put 90% of our energy toward our spiritual growth / life, the business part will happen easily, gracefully & abundantly.

If you are : willing to stand in your calling/ gifts, willing to stand in your contributions, willing to be OF SERVICE on this planet: desiring to leave today / this planet / EVERY CLIENT better than how you found it? This course is for you.

Great news: you can still join! The first 2 classes have been recorded / archived – and available to you as soon as you sign up. Please join the remaining 6 live classes between now and end of April (or watch class recordings when you are available). A pretty phenomenal community has been built from this – and we are here to support, uplift, inspire and co-create with YOU.

In addition to the course, private FB group and tons of material via PDF / downloads also available. Please join us! You will be inspired and transformed!


Susanna Peace Lovell, Life Coach for Special Needs Families

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