everything you ever wanted: a memoir

May 28, 2016

I recently finished Jillian Lauren’s latest book, everything you ever wanted, a riveting memoir about her journey into motherhood.

Initially, I was interested in the book because of her story as it related to mine : she and her husband adopted an Ethiopian child with special needs. But, as I was reading through the pages, I felt connected to her in ways beyond raising a child with special needs : as someone searching for something, as a woman, wife, friend, daughter. We couldn’t be more different, Jillian and I, but I felt an immediate connection to many facets of her story.

I first met Jillian in January when she was hosting a writer’s workshop session at MOMFAIR Live. I introduced myself after the session and felt excited to read her book that I knew would touch my mother heart. And, it was to my great surprise (and delight) that she was on a keynote panel at BinderCon this past March. I purchased her book there and dove right in.

As a budding writer working on my first memoir, I was immediately drawn to Jillian’s mastery in this field. She’s written two memoirs; Some Girls (about her life in a harem) and everything you ever wanted.

She offers writing workshops and guidance via www.storyandsoulla.com. I am grateful for the women before me, paving the way for us to tell our own story.

I sent her an email after I finished the book and mentioned my writing journey. She emailed me back and said, “Very glad you’re writing your story. It’s important.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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