September 14, 2017
(Suzi Lula, Dr. Shefali & Me!)

I first saw Dr. Shefali speak about conscious parenting on Oprah years ago and have been a dedicated follower of her message since. I attended her first EVOLVE conference in 2015, watched her take the stage LIVE @ Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions at UCLA’s Royce Hall, attended an intimate one day conference with her in Beverly Hills and have recommended her books and workshops to tons of friends and colleagues.

This weekend, the 3rd annual EVOLVE conference is taking place in Long Beach and I will be attending once again. I am looking forward to an amazing line up of speakers and to be surrounded by likeminded parents searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection with their children.

It has always resonated with me, Dr. Shefali’s message about our children having their own heartbeat : certainly, they have not come into this world to be raised as our MINI MEs. When we remove the ego from our parenting, we are opening ourselves up to a world of honoring, loving and cherishing these little souls to SHOW UP exactly as they are!

This morning, as Arizona and I were rushing out the door for our daily morning walk to school, I tripped and fell (hard) on my side. The fall was so impactful that I had to cancel our walk and drive us to school instead. My daughter was NOT happy about this change and let me know (loudly and repeatedly) how I had ruined her day. My role as her punching bag continued as we walked on to campus. I handed her off to her aide and teacher, unaffected by her biting words. “You don’t like change, Arizona, I know this about you. And, my fall was unexpected. I really wanted to walk to school today too.” She didn’t want to hear me, and kept perseverating on my clumsiness and how everything was always my fault. I gave her a hug and kiss (as she pushed me away) and told her to find joy in the day.

In earlier years, I would have been so flustered by her behavior. I reacted to everything and took her unbecoming words and actions so personally. But today, I am more easily able to detach myself from these outward displays. Yes, I will continue to guide and nurture my child and I will always honor her expression of self.

I can’t wait to share about more teachings from this upcoming weekend! And for those of you in Southern California, there are still a few seats available : join me!

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