Giving Back: A Cheerful Helpers Event

December 12, 2018

(Cheerful Helpers Alumni Association Presents: A Read-a-Long / Sing-A-Long!)

I know I talk about Cheerful Helpers Child & Family Study Center, A LOT. Perhaps it’s because we are still super involved with the school even though Arizona graduated 4 years ago. Maybe it’s because I still feel so supported by the community, and that the tools and gifts we received from our time enrolled at the school have been life changing. Either way, I am honored to participate in anything related to Cheerful Helpers, because we recognize how much we received from them. I am grateful that Arizona and I can give back, in many ways.

This past Sunday, CHAA (Cheerful Helpers Alumni Association) put together an event for both current and alumni families to participate in. It was a festive afternoon / evening of interactive storytelling, singing and sugar cookie (gluten free + vegan!) decorating.

Arizona and I read a story to the group, engaging everyone with props and more. I know it’s sometimes hard for my daughter to come back to her “old school” and revisit feelings of the past, but this year she felt proud to be back in her old classroom, helping other kids feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves.

As we drove away from the event, I asked Arizona if she enjoyed herself. “Yes, mama. I know what it’s like to be a kid at Cheerful Helpers and someday, they will be reading and singing to others.”

I am grateful for my daughter’s awareness in recognizing the tremendous help she received while she was a student at Cheerful Helpers and her acknowledgment that she can continue in the legacy of helping others like herself.

We learn and then we share. We teach, while we are still learning!

Thank you (for the millionth time), Cheerful Helpers, for healing each child by treating / supporting the entire family.

*Note: if you are searching for a preschool / Pre-K / kinder program in the Los Angeles area that will focus on social + emotional learning for your child (who happens to have special abilities), please contact me with questions and / or reach out directly to Cheerful Helpers with any inquiries:

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