Glossary: DAN Doctors

June 5, 2015

(Arizona, age 3.5)

In the autism world, there are a variety of standard therapies that are respected for making a huge difference in children. Especially so, when a challenge or diagnosis presents itself early on; these therapies can enable children to “grow out of” or “largely overcome” their issues.

Outside of “standard” therapies, there are alternative treatments. These may include neuro-feedback therapy, brain balancing, or equine therapy, like what Arizona does at The Children’s Ranch.

There is also a strong belief, in the autism community, that biomedical interventions can make a huge difference.

Cue the onset of DAN doctors or rather, “Defeat Autism Now!” doctors. These medical professionals have been trained in the “DAN! Protocol,” an approach to autism treatment beginning with the idea that autism is a biomedical disorder. Specifically, DAN! Doctors feel that autism is caused by a combination of a weak immune system, toxins received from vaccines and other sources (environment, etc) and issues caused by certain foods.

We have seen 2 DAN! Doctors in the past 5 years. Because of Arizona’s food allergies, she already adheres to the strict GFCF (gluten free / casein free) diet that DAN! Doctors recommend for every child on the spectrum. Apart from that, we subjected Arizona to a million tests – bloodwork, stool & hair samples, urine collection. Both doctors we met with subscribed no less than 30 supplements / shots / treatments for Arizona to add to her regimen. This was on a DAILY basis.

Some of the recommendations stuck with us (daily B12 shots in the booty); others did not (lithium).

At the end of the day, you have to do what’s right for your family. I recommend listening to your intuition and not rushing into everything all at once. As special needs parents, our desperation often takes over and we want to do everything that is recommended to us, immediately.

Be at peace; everything will be okay!

You can find more information about DAN! doctors here :

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