November 25, 2016

I love Thanksgiving for many reasons; mostly because it gives me reason to take a pause and consider everything I am grateful for.

Certainly, life can have its ups and downs. I have weathered many ebbs and flows in my 42 years on this earth. The past few years have especially been difficult with lots of life changes and the sometimes painful but necessary reflection and emotional work that comes along with it.

I truly believe that TO BE HAPPY, we first need to be grateful. I look around and count my blessings. They are abundant; even when I feel like throwing in the towel.

Today, I want to give thanks to all of those who have come before me, who walk beside me and who support, love and guide me in so many ways. It takes a universal village to really love and LIVE this one life we have.

I know that it is our birthright to live a blessed and abundant life. Happy Thanksgiving, dear loved ones!

I would love to know – what are you grateful for today?

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