May 20, 2016

There’s a couple in my neighborhood who walks their daughter to and from school every day. They always hold hands and engage in conversation with each other. I smile when I see them and always think to myself, “Wow, they must be really happy.”

Most people, when asked what they want out of life will respond, “To be happy.” I often tell myself that, too – that all I want is to be HAPPY or all I want in life for Arizona is that she find true happiness.

But happiness can be a tricky thing. The hard thing to discern for me is happiness based on circumstances and happiness as a way of being, regardless of what’s going on in my life and other external factors.

And, what I am truly looking for is not just fleeting contentment. I am craving a way to experience a deeper and more sustainable JOY about my life, in every way and every day.

A girlfriend recently introduced me to the 2009 documentary HAPPY a few weeks ago. I sat down and watched the 115 minute film; riveted in every moment.

HAPPY beautifully shows a number of case studies where people have found genuine happiness. Sometimes they are living in a rural tribe in Namibia; sometimes in the slums of India. But regardless of their circumstances, there is a deep inner life that is creating the happiness within them. When we are living a life that feels worth living due to our own personal growth, relationships we have with friends / family, a desire to help (and be of service), the more we can experience flow and feel truly HAPPY.

The film ends with a perfect summation — “The formula for happiness is not the same for everyone, but the things we love to do are the building blocks to happiness : play, having new experiences, friends & family, doing things that are meaningful.”

Maybe the most important things in this life ARE free, after all. Happiness is available to all of us and can help make the world a better place.

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