In the Land of Canaan

February 11, 2016
(We are #canaanites)

I was nothing short of inspired and touched by the story of Canaan, a 3 year old girl with special needs who passed away in October 2015.

Her father, Joey Papa, has made it his mission to share her story with the world via documentary film. He has successfully raised $25K via indiegogo and private donations and has opened a gofundme page to raise the remaining $25K needed to complete the project. I am a proud supporter of In the Land of Canaan and look forward to Joey completing his mission and sharing his important message with the world.

Here’s more :

In the Land of Canaan is a documentary feature film
about what one little girl, who couldn’t speak, came to say.

On October 30th of 2015, Canaan Papa died.
Now, her father wants to uncover what she came to tell him.

Filmmaker Joey Papa spent so long praying for a miracle to heal his daughter, he didn’t realize she was the miracle. Follow Joey as he dives into the depth of his daughter’s life to uncover what Canaan came to say to him, his family, and the rest of us. This documentary will journey with Joey into the daily experiences of his late daughter and those of whom he believes to be her brothers and sisters, other special needs children.

In the United States alone, 1-in-5 children are born to their parents with a special health care need. It’s so easy to see these children and their families as victims of circumstance. Yet, what if it’s far from that simple? What if these children are here to tell us something about ourselves? A secret about life itself?

What if they are not only here to remind us of our own fragility and vulnerability, but also to unlock the secrets of our own inherent strength?

These are some of the questions we hope to find answers for – questions brought about by the life of a little girl, Canaan Papa. Your support will give voice to those who don’t yet have one, special needs children. Your contribution will create a network of positive support and encouragement for families experiencing this reality every day. Your giving will launch our exploration into the Land of Canaan and the lands of others like this beautiful little girl.

Will you help us find the answers to these questions?
Will you take the journey with us into Canaan’s world?

Please, walk with us into the lives of these children and their families.
We’re asking you to help us make In the Land of Canaan.
We’re asking you to become a #Canaanite by giving today. Give and help one father keep a promise to his late daughter to share what she came to say.

Give Canaan and others like her a chance to share their message with the world.

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