Launching Soon: An Online Course for Special Needs Families

November 27, 2018

(Coming soon: 2019!)

I am so ecstatic to announce the upcoming launch of my first online course: Life Management for Special Needs Families. This course will take families like mine on a 4-week journey in finding joy and balance in their lives. Even in our life’s work of advocating for and supporting our children to lead fuller and richer lives, it is possible for us as parents to experience this same richness for ourselves. It is one thing to find the best help for our children; but to recognize that we, too, are worthy recipients is an opportunity we cannot miss out on!

Life Management for Special Needs Families will cover the following topics:

Class # 1: Redefine Your Plan for Meeting Your Child’s Special Needs

Class # 2: Be the Best Advocate You Can Be for You and Your Child

Class # 3: Build and Manage Your Dream Team

Class # 4: My Top 7 Tips for Self-Care as a Special Needs Parent

Launch date: October 2019. Stay tuned for updates and registration info. I cannot wait to share my life’s passion with you all!

In the meantime, as I am adding on to my course materials, please let me know if there are any specific questions or topics you’d like to have me cover or expand upon. I’m all ears!

Looking forward to being of continued service to my beloved special needs families.

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