Learning to Rest

August 11, 2016
(Back in the Hospital)

The past few weeks have been a bit rough; mainly because my appendix needed to be removed and I have been recovering, slowly, since.

It’s funny how the universe works – initially, it was an inconvenient health scare that forced me to slow down a little bit. But, when you see the doctor for a check up a week later and they tell you it’s time to take your appendix out NOW while your kid is at day camp and Dad is out of town it all but forces you to completely HALT all of your other plans.

And HALT, I did. I actually didn’t have a choice. My village rallied : family, girlfriends, community. Even Arizona stepped up to the plate, bringing me whatever I needed : refreshments and magazines.

I learned how to sleep over the past few weeks, like, really sleep. Arizona was in camp from 9am – 2pm and I would sleep in between drop off and pick up. At first it felt too decadent and the guilt crept in, but then I started to revel in it gloriously and embraced each day I could truly take care of myself.

While I was under my covers, resting and healing, I began to experience what it meant to REALLY take care of myself. I learned to enjoy each moment and not fret about everything I wasn’t checking off of my TO DO list that day …

Today, three weeks post surgery, I feel recharged and relaxed. I am getting back into the swing of life but have an extra pep in my step.

If we don’t truly take care of our inner self, we will be running on empty without anything to give anyone else; least of all our children.

My lesson learned is to practice self care before I am forced to!

How do you practice self care in your busy lives?

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