My Friend Kerrie

February 23, 2016
(In honor of National Margarita Day… we must oblige!)

I first met Kerrie when our kids (Jack and Arizona) were 2 years old. They were both enrolled in a center based, therapeutic preschool called Step by Step back then.

As luck would have it, Jack and Arizona followed each other to two more academic settings, eventually ending up together at Cheerful Helpers Child & Family Study Center, where they both began to truly thrive. They graduated from Cheerful Helpers in the Summer of 2014.

Even though Jack and Arizona have finally gone on to separate schools, Kerrie and I have a bond that will never keep us far apart. We get our kids together often, sometimes hang out WITHOUT our kids and continue to remind ourselves that we can have fulfilling and amazing lives, even with our kids’ needs and challenges often being in the forefront.

There is a special bond between special needs parents – we love each other’s children unconditionally, we immediately understand when one of us has had a bad day, we support each other without judgment and we TRULY want the best for each other.

Kerrie and I have laughed & cried (often) together over the past 7+ years. I am so grateful I can call on her whenever I need anything. She is a huge autism advocate and champion for her son and others who don’t have a voice. She is PROUD to be Jack’s Mom and has a tattoo inked on her side : “I wouldn’t change you for the world but I will change the world for you.”

Most importantly, Arizona calls her “Mama Kerrie” and feels safe in her presence.

I am forever grateful for my tribe!

Who is part of your tribe? Who are your anchors during the ups and downs?

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