My Therapy: Dates with My Daughter

October 13, 2015

Every week or so, Arizona and I go to her favorite restaurant Kay n’ Daves for a Mommy & Me date. Due to food allergy concerns, we don’t get to eat out often. But when I find a restaurant where Arizona can order a gluten / dairy / egg / soy / nut free meal with minimal risk of food contamination in the kitchen, we make a habit to visit again and again.

All of the hosts and wait staff know us by name. They love Arizona’s quirky questions and listen intently as she requests the same order every time : “Spanish rice and black beans, NO CHEESE ON ANYTHING and a side of corn tortillas please.” She feels proud to advocate for herself and truly savors every bite.

When we’re out together, just the two of us, we play drawing games and talk about funny things. Last week we took turns writing words on a piece of paper, handing it to the other person to then draw a picture of that word. We connect in these moments – laugh, take silly selfies, make videos.

In the hustle and bustle of life – homework, school, therapies, making dinner, cleaning the house, running errands – my dates with Arizona are snapshots of beautiful moments together when time just stands still. We are connected and present. My spirit and soul are nourished!

What are ways in which you connect with your children AND recharge your batteries at the same time? How do you live in the moment throughout the craziness of motherhood?

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