My Therapy: SELF LOVE

February 29, 2016
(Lots of LOVE!)

As we wrap up the month of February with all of its hearts, roses and teddy bears, I am reminded of one of the most important practices I have added to my daily routine : affirming deep love for MYSELF.

A few weeks ago I was sitting with Arizona while she was doing her homework. She tends to take her focus off of her work, often, and ponder about life out loud. This particular day, she looks at me and says, “Mommy, I love myself.” I looked back at her and responded, “That’s great, Peanut!” She continued on, “I mean, we gotta love ourselves right? Because we’re always with ourselves.”

And yes, of course she is right. It was such a simple, yet profound statement that takes most people years to figure out, if at all. I know for me, the journey to love myself has been an up and down one and initially something I didn’t consider to be supremely important. But the reality is, when we truly connect to our hearts and let love flow to OURSELVES, we will find ourselves with an overflow of love to bestow upon others. Trust me : when I am loving myself, Arizona reaps the benefits of having a centered, blissed out Mama.

What are the ways in which you consciously love yourself? What routines / practices do you have in place to stay in love with yourself?

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