Quote of the Day : May 9, 2015

May 10, 2015

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” – Mary Oliver

I have always been a believer in GREAT things happening in this life. I look back on all of the good that I have been blessed with and know that there is so much more this life has to offer me.

When Arizona was enrolled at Cheerful Helpers Child & Family Study Center, we had weekly sessions with various therapists. In one session with therapists Mary and Dorrie, I was ecstatic, sharing some feedback from a recent appointment with Arizona’s neuro-psychologist. The doctor was elated at the results of her recent testing and told us that Arizona’s options in life were UNLIMITED. We should expect great things for her.

In this moment, I felt so excited for my daughter. I couldn’t wait to see what the future would hold for her! As I was sharing this feeling in our family session, Dorrie turned to me and said, “And you should know, too, that you have unlimited options as well.”

It was easily the A-HA moment of my life! As parents, we focus so much on the various milestones that our children hit, but often neglect what our own possibilities in this life can be.  It was then that I embarked on my journey to live out my life purpose. Yes, my daughter has so much to experience and give back to the world. And so do I.

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