Slowing Down

July 13, 2016
(Arizona visiting me in the hospital on Sunday)

This past weekend, I was (unexpectedly) admitted to the hospital after a 2 day bout of excruciating stomach distress.

I ignored the pain at first, and went about my business as a lot of Moms tend to do. But by Saturday morning as I was getting ready to exercise through the piercing pain (“Maybe it will feel better if I stretch it out, do some movement,” I thought) I took a few deep breaths and dared to ask myself the question, “Okay Susanna, what is it that you REALLY need right now?”

And the answer was clear — I needed to understand what was going on with this constant, throbbing pain in my side and more importantly, I needed to stop what I was doing and really take care of myself.

I’m glad I did, because after a quick trip to urgent care, I was immediately sent to the hospital for a CT scan and further tests to rule out the number one concern : appendicitis. Turns out, all of the tests I did were inconclusive, but it was clear I needed to be admitted to the hospital for further observation.

Fast forward and it’s now Tuesday evening. I’ve been discharged from the hospital without needing an appendectomy but have 7 days worth of horse pill antibiotics to look forward to. I hope they will calm my unhappy appendix.

But : it’s hard to not feel normal; these meds are kicking my booty, I have a nasty metallic taste in my mouth all the time, I feel sluggish and bloated, I can’t exercise, I can’t laugh (it hurts too much to), I have bruises and swollen marks all over my body from shots, needles and IVs and my energy is completely zapped.

I don’t like slowing down. I like getting things done and feeling productive. But as much as it is within my nature to go, go, go ALL THE TIME, I also know when it’s time to calm down and let my batteries recharge.

Not the way I envisioned my week, but here I am taking it easy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy this down time.

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