Spotlight : Social Foundations – Summer Camp 2015

July 10, 2015
(Summer 2015)

This summer marks the first time Arizona has had some real time off. For most of her school career, she has attended schools with ESY programs; keeping her occupied through the end of July.

But this year, Arizona had a 2+ month stretch of ZERO schedule that we needed to account for, and we’re so grateful that we found Social Foundations summer camp nearby in Santa Monica, Ca.

Social Foundations is an amazing organization and community in the Los Angeles area that focuses on social thinking and development for kids. It really helps kids develop their social intelligence from the inside out.

This summer, they offered four various weeks of camp – art, making things, sports and science.

Arizona has just wrapped up her second week of camp working on flexible thinking, sharing imagination with others, social communication, working with a group and problem solving. The kids also talk about friendships, perspective taking and thinking as part of a group.

There are two weeks left – next week the sports camp and the week of 7/27 is science camp. Arizona is having the best time!

If you have a child between the ages of 6-12 and looking for a fun camp within the next few weeks, definitely check out this one.

How are you and your kids spending your summer?

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