The Movies: A Sensory Guide

March 15, 2016

(Zootopia date!)

Arizona enjoys watching tv and movies at home, but has a hard time going to the theater. I’ve taken her to a few shows over the years but most of those outings have ended in disaster. It can be overwhelming for her : the extreme volume pumping through the speakers, 25 minutes of random previews she rarely has interest in, and just way too much sensory overload in general.

That being said, whenever an interesting kids’ movie comes out, I always ask Arizona if she wants to see it. Sometimes she says yes, but always with the caveat … “when it comes out on DVD, Mama.”

So, it was to my great surprise when she agreed to see the latest Disney movie, Zootopia at the actual theater. And not just any theater, but rather the most grandiose in all of Los Angeles : the El Capitan.

And, even with the organ player, live show beforehand, loud music and pomp and circumstance before the movie even started, we ended up having our most successful movie outing ever.

Here are some tips (and then some) that helped Arizona get ready for a fun movie experience :

We had a great day, my girl and me.

Would love to hear any additional tips you have for helping your sensory kids through different experiences (shows, sporting events, etc).

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