The Pandemic: A Recap

June 21, 2021
Outdoor Living!

Hi friends! How is everyone holding up? Are we surviving? Are we possibly thriving? 

I wanted to take a minute to check in with you all and give a short update on how Arizona and I have fared during this pandemic. As a quick recap, Arizona has been schooling from home the majority of this time. Within the last few weeks of this school year, she was able to attend school in person 2 days per week, but still remained on Zoom in a designated classroom with just a few other students in person with her. It was a challenging time all around, but the brief in person connections she had with classmates at school those last few weeks definitely boosted her mood.

Overall, we have been okay. We have connected in new ways, found a rhythm in our quarantine time together and have found many silver linings to count as blessings.

What we do know for sure is that we won't take thinks for granted. We will enjoy the moments we've been given and look forward to more meaningful and intentional connections with those we choose to have them with.

I will never, in my life, regret this time with Arizona. We have leaned into a crisis, together, and have grown stronger as a result. We have created memories in ways we weren't expecting.

May we continue leaning into life's lessons and find our joy, in each moment and situation!

How have you survived / thrived through quarantine? What life lessons have you learned? How will you live moving forward, based on this time? Can't wait to hear about your opportunites for growth and transformation!

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