Toys “R” Us Toy Guide : Special Needs Edition

August 14, 2015
(Excited about this year’s TOY GUIDE!)

Every year, for the past 20 years, Toys “R” Us has published a special catalog showcasing and highlighting selected toys that aid in the skill development of children who have some form of developmental disability or delay. It is has become a respected and premiere resource for those of us in the special needs community and I look forward to each new catalog that comes out!

Each toy in the catalog is assigned a number of visual symbols that helps the consumer select the right fit between a child’s abilities and toys that promote development in the various areas of need. There are symbols for each of the following categories : auditory, creativity, fine motor, gross motor, language, self esteem, social skills, tactile, thinking and visual.

Additionally, all of the toys included in this guide have been selected and evaluated by the National Lekotek Center a nonprofit organization dedicated to making play accessible for children of all abilities.

As prepared by the National Lekotek Center, here are the questions the play experts ask when choosing developmentally appropriate toys for kids with special needs :

  1. Multi-Sensory Appeal
  2. Method of Activation
  3. Places the Toy Will Be Used
  4. Opportunities for Success
  5. Current Popularity
  6. Self-Expression
  7. Adjustability
  8. Child’s Individual Abilities
  9. Safety and Durability
  10. Potential for Interaction

THANK YOU, Toys “R” Us and the National Lekotek Center, for taking the work out of this for us – a grateful community of special needs parents inspired and motivated to enhance our children’s lives as much as possible!

I would love to know of any toys / games you have found to be extremely helpful to your child with special needs? What made them special? How was your child able to stay engaged with / interested in them?

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