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I'm dedicated to the health and wellness of special needs families everywhere.

Certified professional life coach and advocate dedicated to the health and wellness of special needs families everywhere.

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“We could not be more grateful for the insights, support and loving kindness she shared with our special needs family.”

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My teenage daughter has multiple challenges and diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety and myriad food allergies.

On my journey of navigating through the worry and heartbreak of raising a special needs child, I found my true life calling: to help other parents find and realize joy and passion in their own lives. It is a gift to realize that your child’s potential doesn’t have a limit.

But to realize your own possibilities are also unlimited is a tremendous breakthrough not to be missed! I can help you unleash this potential within and start soaring in your own life.

7 Top Tips for Self-Care As A Special Needs Parent

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New Book by Susanna

When acclaimed Life Coach Susanna Peace Lovell’s daughter was born, she brought some unexpected challenges, including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and myriad food allergies. Looking for resources and support, Susanna struggled to find a map for the road ahead. After more than 17 years of struggle, hard work, and triumph, this book is that map: the blueprint for special needs caregivers that she’d wished for back then. Filled with hard-won insights and practical advice, Your True Self Is Enough follows Susanna’s story from pregnancy through neonatal care through finding the right learning environments and therapeutic plans for her child.

Throughout it all, Susanna came to learn that she and her daughter were both on their own journeys in life, and that they were both whole and complete individuals who did not need to be “fixed.” Her work instead was to advocate for her child to be seen for who she is, in all her glory. Part memoir, part guidebook, Your True Self Is Enough should be considered required reading for all caregivers. 

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Susanna Peace Lovell is a sought after speaker, coach and facilitator for universities, schools, therapeutic organizations, Fortune 500 firms, mom groups, health & wellness forums, parenting conferences and private clients with customized needs. She facilitates connection circles and support groups, as well as leads workshops and interactive break out sessions. With the launch of her first book, Your True Self is Enough, Lessons Learned on my Journey Parenting a Child with Autism, Susanna is available to speak about her triumphs and challenges as a parent, while seeking joy and fulfillment throughout.

Based in Los Angeles, Susanna is available for both local and nationwide bookings. Susanna is available for speaking engagements across virtual platforms, across time zones. She is currently booking for speaking engagements, panels and media segments for 2024. Every connection is a customized one; based on the needs (and rather, unmet needs) of her audience.

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